Saturday, November 2, 2019

Virtual collaboration technology and how is it used Research Paper

Virtual collaboration technology and how is it used - Research Paper Example The term â€Å"Phone app† is indeed, a cool way of referring to the cell phone applications. (Christensen, 2010). Today mobile phones are being produced with more and more functions and their usability far exceeds the verbal communication that was their original purpose. It has been attempted to make the mobile phones as close in use to computers as possible. Mobile phones provide the users with the facility of checking and forwarding mail, capturing videos and photos, chatting online and video communication. Besides, mobile phones are employed for various other purposes including tracking and keeping track of the base station and the destination. These phones update the users on accurate displacement from the base station with the help of coordinates. Phone apps are of huge significance to organizations because they help to maintain effective coordination and develop strong communication links among the colleagues involved in a particular task. Strong communication is the most fundamental requirement of a successful business and phone apps serve the purpose. It is quite useful because it provides numerous facilities all in one unit that include but are not limited to recorder, loudspeaker, video camera, internet, and Bluetooth. Mobile phones are handy and portable. All it requires to use the mobile apps is knowledge of appropriate handling. There is hardly any person in the modern age who is not educated on the use of mobile apps. There wide usability make them extremely suitable for use in organizational work. Video conferencing is a technology that facilitates group discussion without having to oblige the discussion participants to make physical appearance at one location. As the name implies, video conferencing technology is meant for conducting conferences where individual members participate virtually. One screen displays several locations clearly demarcated. The quality of picture supersedes that of a mobile phone. Also, all

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