Saturday, November 9, 2019

Medias Falsification of Anthrax essays

Media's Falsification of Anthrax essays -Our nation has been in a state of elevated anxiety following the September 11th attacks on New Yorks World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As Americans began to believe the war on terrorism was over, they realized it had only begun. The random mailing of anthrax-laden letters resulted in the first death on October 5th. Newsrooms across the country broadcasted this news-breaking story, ensuing panic in every community. During the anthrax attack, Wyatt, editor and publisher of the Medical Herald, put it best when he wrote, The role of the media will be critical if terrorists attack the civilian population...the medias response must be responsible reporting (63). Although the United States has been exposed to domestic and international terrorism over the last decade, such as the Oklahoma federal building bombing, the first car bomb attack on the World Trade Center, the embassies in Africa, and the Cole attack, is our nation truly prepared for the worst, for bio-terrorism? As the anthrax scare swept the nation, individuals questioned their safety, looking for answers in the wrong place: the news. As the United States scrambled for information on anthrax, families gathered around their televisions at home, desperate for calming news about protection from this new threat. The people of America had no such luck. From large networks like CNN and ABC to local news, the anthrax scare was blown way out of proportion. People were frightened to open their mail, or even drink from the citys water supplies. The news did not provide correct information on anthrax, frequently broadcasting conflicting stories that not even the government could support. For instance, ABC aired an exclusive report on the government finding of a substance in anthrax that was also found in Iraqs biological weapons program, implying that Saddam Hussein may be tied to the attacks. But, unfortunately for ABC, not...

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